1. угол/ образовывать угол; располагаться под углом; иметь наклон
2. уголок <металлический прокат>
angle of attack
angle of capillarity
angle of climb
angle of sideslip
angle of track
angle off the nose
angle off the tail
angle to the tail
angle to trim
angle to turn
angles of operating incidence
aerodynamic angle
aerodynamic angles
aileron angle
air-path azimuth angle
air-path bank angle
air-path climb angle
air-path inclination angle
air-path track angle
aircraft angles
airfoil closing angle
approach angle
aspect angle
attach angle
attachment angle
attainable angle of attack
attitude angle
azimuth angle
bank angle
basic local dihedral angle
basic local effective sweep angle
basic local sweep angle
beyond-stall angle of attack
blade azimuth angle
camber angle
climb angle
climb-out pitch angle
collective angle
collective pitch angle
complex angle of attack
cone angle
cone half angle
coning angle
control angle
control-wheel angle
conversion angle
course angle
cowl lip angle
crab angle
crack opening angle
critical angle of attack
cruise angle of attack
decalage angle
deflection angle
delivery angle
descent angle
dihedral angle
dive angle
downwash angle
effective angle of attack
effective angle of incidence
effective dihedral angle
effective sweep angle
elastic angle of attack
elevated angle of attack
elevation angle
elevator angle
elevator angle per g
Euler angle
exhaust angle
fin setting angle
flap angle
flapping angle
flight path angle
flight path angles
flight path azimuth angle
flight path bank angle
flight path elevation angle
flight path heading angle
flight path inclination angle
floating angle of elevator
flow turning angle
forward sweep angle
free-floating angle of elevator
fuselage angle of attack
fuselage reference angle
geometric angle of attack
geometric twist angle
glide angle
glidepath angle
glideslope angle
ground limit angle in pitch
ground limit angle in roll
ground limit angles
ground rotation angle
head angle
heading angle
impact angle
incidence angle
incident angle
inclination angle
indicated angle of attack
induced angle of attack
inflow angle
jet angle
lag angle
lagging angle
lateral flapping angle
lead angle
leading-edge sweep angle
line-of-sight angle in azimuth
line-of-sight angle in elevation
local angle of attack
local dihedral angle
local effective dihedral angle
local effective sweep angle
local geometric twist angle
local sweep angle
local twist angle
longitudinal flapping angle
Mach angle
maneuvering angles of attack
maximum lift angle of attack
minimum in-flight blade angle
misalignment angle
nose angle
nose-up angle
nosewheel angle
nozzle angle
nozzle lip angle
nozzle vector angle
off-boresight angle
onset angle
orientation angle
perturbation angle
perturbation angle of attack
pitch angle
pitch Euler angle
pitch trim angle
pitch attitude angle
ply angle
polar angle
port ground limit angle
post-stall angle of attack
power lever angle
Prandtl-Glauert angle
Prandtl-Meyer angle
precone angle
prelag angle
pretwist blade angle
programmed with angle of attack
pusher angle of attack
quarter-chord sweep angle
rake angle
reflection angle
reverse pitch angle
reverser azimuth angle
roll angle
roll Euler angle
root pitch angle
rotation angle
rudder angle
seat angle
seat back angle
semiapex angle
semivertex angle
setting angle
setting angle of the longitudinal axis with respect to the aircraft axis
shaft angle
shaft tilt angle
shock angle
sideslip angle
sidewash angle
simulated angle of attack
solid angle
spoiler angle
stall angle
stalling angle
starboard ground limit angle
steepest-climb angle
sting-support angle
streamwise angle of attack
sun angle
sweep angle
sweepback angle
swirl angle
tab angle
tail angle of attack
tail clearance angle
tail ground clearance angle
tail strike angle
tail-setting angle
thrust angle
thrust direction angles
thrust turning angle
thrust vector angle
track angle
trailing-edge angle
trim angle
trim angle of attack
trim coning angle
trimmed angle of attack
trimmed pitch angle
true angle of attack
turning angle
turnover angle
twist angle
upflow angle
upwash angle
usable angle of attack
vector angle
vertical angle of attack
viewing angle
wake skew angle
wedge angle
wind angles
wind azimuth angle
wind direction angles
wind elevation angle
wind-off angle of attack
wing root angle of attack
wing skew angle
winglet toe out angle
wingtip angle of attack
yaw Euler angle
zero-lift angle
zero-lift downwash angle

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